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      Wuhan Zhongdiao Laser CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in Wuhan Optical Valley in 2010, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of optoelectronic integrated equipment. The company mainly produces laser marking machines, inkjet printers, welding machines, cleaning machines, cutting machines and other series of equipment, providing complete system laser processing solutions for various fields and industries, as well as personalized customization services for customers.

      With leading technology, excellent quality, complete categories and considerate services, Zhongdiao Laser has won the favor of users in various industries. Thousands of high-end equipment have been widely used in machinery, automobile, steel, petrochemical, aviation, electronics, tools, medicine, food, building materials, light industry, clothing, refrigeration, packaging and other industries. The company has established a whole process management and control system to strictly control the import design, production and manufacturing, sales, installation, training and other aspects; Ensure that each equipment produced by Zhongdiao is of good quality and reliable performance. The company always adheres to scientific and technological innovation to lead the development of the industry. When providing personalized system solutions for customers, the company conducts in-depth communication and forward-looking interactive design to achieve good results.

      Wuhan Zhongdiao Laser CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. has set up a marketing management center that cultivates the market and responds quickly. From pre-sales consulting, proofing, installation and debugging, professional training; The timely response and support of after-sales service demonstrate the professional and advanced marketing concept of Zhongdiao, practice the business purpose of "market demand oriented and win-win cooperation based", provide the market with advanced equipment, humanized software and excellent services, establish long-term friendly cooperation with customers, work together to develop partnerships, and work hard in the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

      Zhongdiao people, who are "striving for perfection" and "professional and dedicated", insist on doing every detail well, innovate constantly, focus on the laser equipment industry, be pragmatic and enterprising, and contribute value.

Corporate mission


Create value for customers——

      Advanced equipment and excellent service are the constant commitment of Zhongdiao Laser to customers. We are committed to working with customers to grow and benefit from each other, creating greater value for customers and helping them grow.

Seeking the well-being of employees——

      The ever improving employee life and increasing employee welfare are the constant commitment of Zhongdiao Laser to its employees. We are committed to strengthening the foundation and building a harmonious and stable labor relations with our employees. The development of Zhongdiao depends on its employees, and all employees enjoy the achievements of Zhongdiao.

Take responsibility for society——

      Creating social value and shouldering social responsibility is the constant commitment of Zhongdiao Laser to society. Zhongdiao Laser keeps pace with the times, keeps forging ahead, practices "industry serving the country" with "technology, products and services", and takes the initiative to take responsibility and give back to the society.

Corporate Vision


Build a century old enterprise with responsibility and responsibility

      Zhongdiao Laser will continue to optimize, adjust, transform and upgrade, face the future and the world, scientifically plan and rationally layout, form a strong industrial chain that extends vertically and horizontally, maintain the vitality of the enterprise, and become a responsible, valuable and responsible enterprise.

Sense of worth


God rewards diligence, sustainable operation, benefit others, benefit oneself, and be capable of reaching oneself

We firmly believe that no matter what we do in life or work, we will not let down every effort. Only when we pay can we reap.

We adhere to the concept of "sustainable management" and practice it to ensure that our foundation will last forever.

We hope to grow customers and enrich ourselves. It is our pursuit to take the success of customers as our own responsibility, to achieve customers, develop ourselves, repay the society, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Honors and qualifications


The future competition is not only the competition of technological innovation, but also the all-round competition of company strategy, 

action, service, values, organization, etc. Zhongdiao Laser lays a solid foundation, strives hard and becomes an enterprise trusted by customers, loved by employees, 

respected by the industry and recognized by the society.



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