Quality as the core and service as the guarantee

Wuhan Zhongdiao Laser insists on customer-centric and service first. Providing customers with fast response, efficient and perfect pre-sales, sales and after-sales 

services is the solemn commitment of Zhongdiao Laser to customers, and is also the magic weapon of Zhongdiao brand in the market.

Pre Sales/In Sales Services

Be a close friend of the customer, stand on the customer's point of view, and tailor the most appropriate solution.

1. Provide professional consultation: analyze and refine the customer's needs from a professional perspective, reply to the customer at any time to provide information consultation on products, prices, technologies, industry solutions, etc., and adopt the most suitable reply channels, including network, telephone, letter, door-to-door, etc.

2. Provide sample service for customers: free sample making and mailing.

3. Investigation service: customers can make an appointment to visit the company for investigation. The company uniformly arranges pickup, transportation and accommod

ation, and appoints special receptionists to accompany them throughout the journey.

4. Integrity and fairness: no matter the contract amount, new and old customers, domestic and foreign customers, we will treat them with integrity and fairness.

5. Guarantee quality and quantity: ensure that each equipment delivered to the customer is strictly in accordance with the contract.

After-sale service

Solve problems for customers, and ensure that customers are relieved!

1. Free installation and debugging of Zhongdiao equipment.

2. Free training on equipment operation, simple maintenance and process for the techni

cal operators of customers. After the installation, commissioning and operation of the equipment, guide the customer's operators on site until they can work independently.

3. Zhongdiao equipment shall be guaranteed free of charge within one year and maintained for life. During the warranty period, if the equipment fails or parts are damaged (except for improper use by the customer or force majeure), our company will repair or replace the parts (except for consumable parts) for free. If the warranty period expires, only the cost will be charged for maintenance.

4. After sales service responds 24 hours a day to solve customer problems in the shortest time, which is our constant commitment.

5. The customer will enjoy free software upgrade service for life from the date of purchase.

Service commitment

Professional achievements lead the industry development, and honest service guarantees brand building. Zhongdiao Laser is committed to the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, becoming an industry expert and a leader in the industry with outstanding professional achievements and honest and efficient quality services.



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