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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Laser Engraving on Power Module

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Today, there are hundreds of power module manufacturers, providing various varieties, including AC to DC AC-DC power modules and DC to DC DC-DC power modules. The production and sales of DC-DC power modules are huge. The use of laser marking machines includes specifications and models, parameter descriptions, company logos, pin definitions, etc. The laser marking machine is also used more and more widely in the marking of power modules. Now let's follow the small editor to learn about it.

Application of laser marking machine in laser engraving of power module

The materials of the power module shell are mainly divided into:

1. Plastic (civilian product, large in quantity and thin in thickness, suitable for non heating shell, usually in the form of stickers and PVC stickers).

2. Aluminum shell oxidation treatment (civilian products, multi-purpose screen printing).

3. Copper spray paint (small amount and large profit, screen printing is widely used).

4. Copper nickel plating, copper micrometer plating (suitable for the case with heat generation and special requirements for shielding and grounding. It is commonly used for screen printing or heat-resistant plastic sticker).

Requirements for using laser marking machine:

1. Plastic: The plastic composition is complex, and the effect of laser marking machine is very different. It is recommended that the module manufacturer ask its shell supplier to change the composition ratio of plastic until a clear and beautiful mark is made. It will not affect the protective effect of the housing.

2. Aluminum shell oxidation treatment: the laser marking machine is very effective. The newly exposed aluminum gradually oxidizes and discolors, but there is still obvious contrast, especially for the black shell. The stability of aluminum oxide will not affect the protective effect of the shell.

3. Copper paint spraying: at present, the laser marking machine can only remove the paint layer to expose the copper background. The manufacturer is worried that the copper will grow green copper rust over a long period of time, which will affect the appearance. According to the manufacturer's process test, the effect is still no problem.

4. Copper nickel plating, copper nickel plating: the coating is 7-8U thick, and 4U is required to avoid damage to the coating. The laser marking machine has good marking effect.



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