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Optical fiber laser marking machine for color printing stainless steel

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Stainless steel is a metal material with a high usage, and it is an indispensable engineering material in people's processing and production. Its use is very extensive, covering many aspects of today's production and processing, and it has become one of the essential processing materials in these industries. Therefore, the extensive application of stainless steel makes the optical fiber laser marking machine more and more widely used in the market. In particular, the recently popular stainless steel color printing is highly sought after by the advertising/handicraft industry.

On many stainless steel products and parts, some information marks are required, such as simple production date and batch number, and relatively high precision bar code and two-dimensional code information. Whether it is single line, contour line or filled font, as long as it can be shown on the drawing, it can be marked on the stainless steel surface through the optical fiber laser marking machine. Since then, stainless steel products have had detailed "identity information".

Stainless steel color printing is the laser thermal effect on the stainless steel surface under the action of the optical fiber laser marking machine. Advanced lasers can change the color of materials to change their physical effects, and react with polymers for thermal decomposition in an oxygen environment. High energy and high density laser beams are used to locally illuminate the surface of the workpiece, so that surface materials can be rapidly vaporized or changed in color, exposing deep substances, or causing chemical and physical changes of surface substances to depict traces; Or it can burn part of the material through light energy to show the graphics and characters to be etched. In any case, on the stainless steel block, through the optical fiber laser marking machine, a beautiful color pattern is presented.

The optical fiber laser marking machine has the characteristics of low maintenance cost, long service life, convenient operation, fine marking effect, etc., which effectively ensures the efficient marking of stainless steel materials and injects new power into the current stainless steel manufacturing.



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