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How to select optical fiber laser marking machine

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At present, laser equipment is a product that many individuals can consume, and it is also very simple and convenient to make some small handicrafts. So, for consumers, when purchasing optical fiber laser marking machines, they should first meet the production needs, and then they should be cheap, that is, good quality and low price. How do we choose optical fiber laser marking machine?

1: Laser generator

Because the laser generator is the core part of the whole fiber laser marking machine, the quality of the laser generator is very important. In the past, it was better to rely on imported lasers, which had a high conversion rate, but were expensive. Now, although the domestic lasers are slightly inferior, they can basically meet the production needs, and the domestic technology is constantly breaking through, the utilization rate is also very high, and the service life is not bad, However, maintenance is also required.

2: Laser lens

The better the laser lens is, the more laser it reflects, the smaller the loss, and the better the production effect. There are also differences between foreign and domestic lenses. Because the laser equipment is introduced from abroad early, many people will think that foreign is good. In fact, in addition to several large laser manufacturers ranked in the world, the current domestic production of laser lenses is very awesome, and in terms of cost performance, It is not known which is more advantageous.

3: Laser galvanometer

The speed and accuracy of the optical fiber laser marking machine depend on the speed and accuracy of the galvo lens. Therefore, if the high temperature generated by the laser equipment in the working state continues, the normal operation of the galvo lens will be affected, and the deviation will affect the production speed. The galvanometer lens is one of the laser accessories with high damage rate, so it needs our buyers' special attention.

4: Operating software

The brain system software of the optical fiber laser marking machine is the key to control the operation of the whole machine. All actions of the optical fiber laser marking machine are controlled by this "brain". Therefore, the function of the software is equally important.



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