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Does the laser welding machine do harm to human body in the working process?

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It is believed that we are not unfamiliar with laser welding machines. Laser welding machines are commonly used for laser material processing. Welding is a manufacturing process and technology to join metal or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating, high temperature or high pressure. The welding methods mainly include: fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing. The common ones are gas flame, arc, laser, electron beam, friction and ultrasonic.

In the process of laser welding, sparks often sparkle, which is very attractive. Is the laser welding machine harmful to the body? I believe that most people are very concerned about this and the problem. Let's explain it for you:

Laser welding machine is one of the indispensable equipment in the welding field. It mainly uses the principle of laser radiation for welding. Therefore, some people will always worry about its safety in the process of using it. The laser is excited and emits light energy radiation, which is a kind of high intensity light. The laser emitted by the laser source can be considered as harmless when it is not accessible or visible. However, the laser welding process will lead to ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation, which will have a great impact on eyes and body. Therefore, we must stay away from the welding parts during welding

Although the radiation of the laser welding machine to the human body is basically within the safe range, non professionals should not touch the laser source. The laser is an invisible and high-energy beam. Once it is touched, it is very dangerous. Especially, the damage to the eyes is the biggest. Therefore, when you look at the light source for a long time, you must wear a radiation protection glasses.

In fact, no matter whether the laser welding machine has radiation effects or not, as long as we wear respiratory protective equipment, radiation protective clothing, eye masks, pay attention to ventilation, pay attention to the inhalation of dust and metal particles, and take protective measures, we can avoid injuries. This is a manifestation of our responsibility for our own body and personal safety.



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