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Features of CO2 laser marking machine

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       After decades of development, laser marking technology has become more and more mature. The laser marking machine has changed from a few high-tech special industries that can only be used at the beginning to a production and processing machine that is widely used in the market today. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is commonly used in the market. This article will mainly introduce the characteristics and application fields of CO2 laser marking machine.

Processing mode of CO2 laser marking machine:

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine adopts mid infrared wave band 9.3~10.6 μ M for marking. It generates glow discharge by charging carbon dioxide gas into the high-voltage discharge tube, so that the gas molecules release the laser, amplify the laser energy to form a laser beam for material processing, and the laser beam vaporizes the surface of the machined body to achieve the purpose of carving.

Features of CO2 laser marking machine:

1. The marking accuracy is high, the speed is fast, and the engraving depth is controlled at will. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine has high laser power and can be used for engraving and cutting of various non-metallic products.

2. The laser marking is clear, not easy to wear, and the carving and cutting efficiency is fast, environmental protection and energy saving. The whole process of marking by CO2 laser marking machine will not cause other damage to the outer package of the goods, there is no waste of ink consumables, and there will be no environmental pollution caused by such problems as exhaust gas emission.

3. Good beam mode, stable system performance, less maintenance, suitable for industrial processing sites with large batch, multiple varieties, high speed, and high-precision continuous production;

Application field of CO2 laser marking machine:

CO2 laser marking machine is applicable to most non-metallic materials and some metal products. Widely used in food packaging materials, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, metal shells, and other processing and manufacturing industries



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