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PCB laser marking machine-ZDJG-PCB-01

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PCB information traceability has become an indispensable link in the development of the electronic industry. Traceability identification processing on PCB mainly includes screen printing and laser marking. Silk printing is easy to fall off, easy to remove, rough marks, environmental pollution and other problems. In addition, portable electronic products are increasingly developing towards miniaturization, high integration and portability, and the bonding pads and spacing are becoming smaller and smaller, making it more difficult to print alignment. Laser marking, with its accuracy and flexibility, can overcome the technical defects of traditional processing methods such as easy falling off and low processing accuracy, and will play a pivotal role in PCB industry.

PCB laser marking machine, also known as PCB laser laser machine, is an automatic professional laser production and processing equipment that automatically generates two-dimensional codes from raw material procurement, production process and process, product batch, manufacturer, production date, product destination and other information, and automatically marks on the surface of PCB/FPCB through laser to achieve product traceability and management. It integrates high-performance Uv/CO2/Fiber light source, high pixel imported CCD camera and mobile module to realize automatic positioning before coding and automatic code reading and rating after coding. The machine can be connected with the customer information system through the self-developed special software. Marking information can be automatically generated by the software system or received through the network. It can cooperate with the SMT production line for online operation, and can also cooperate with the automatic board loader to form an offline workstation. The system can complete the functions of automatic feeding, precise positioning, laser laser, inspection and reading, and automatic discharging.

Product features

High performance imported Uv/CO2/Fiber laser with good beam quality, small focusing spot and uniform power distribution;

Imported galvanometer is adopted, with high processing accuracy and fast marking speed;

High precision imported CCD realizes automatic positioning, code reading and rating;

The gantry structure is adopted, and the overall structure is firm and stable; The guide rail adopts synchronous belt transmission to ensure the service life and operation accuracy of the equipment;

With the function of copy, the front and back can be coded at one time;

Optional regional coding function, optional regional code reading inspection function and grade evaluation function;

With different products, it can realize automatic focusing and automatic adjustment of track width to reduce the time for changing lines.

Good man-machine interface, simple operation, easy to learn and use;

Scope of application

Suitable for marking on PCB, semiconductor LCD, semiconductor chip and other object surfaces in SMT production

It is suitable for automatic marking of two-dimensional code, one-dimensional code and characters on various inks such as white oil, green oil, black oil, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other surfaces

Three configurations: single laser head processing system corresponds to PCB single side marking; Double laser head processing system corresponds to double-sided marking of PCB board; Double sided marking of PCB board corresponding to single laser head turnover processing system.

technical parameter

Laser typeUltraviolet, green light、CO2
PCB thickness0.6-5mm(Any thickness)
Processing range最大460mm*540mm(Other formats can be customized according to customer needs)
Support barcode typeCode128,code39,EAN-8、UPC-AEqual bar code Bar code、DataMatrix、QR Equal QR code
Plate feeding modeLeft in right out, right in left out (optional)
Data connectionOnline work, accessible MES, ERP, etc
positioning systemHigh precision CCD positioning camera
Work platformX-Y linear module
Repetitive positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Minimum line width<0.005mm
Air supply specification0.6Mpa
Power Supply220V/50Hz/2KW
Operating environment5-35 ° C, humidity less than 50%
Optional auxiliary deviceThe negative pressure adsorption dust extraction system and UPS power supply protection can operate continuously for 10 minutes in case of power failure

Remark: The product is constantly updated, the appearance style is subject to the real object, and the pictures are for reference only. The specific model configuration parameters are different, and the negotiated contract shall prevail. If you have special requirements for the machine, we can customize it. Welcome to call 400-998-2216 to negotiate.

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