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Flying laser marking machine-ZDJG-FXDB-01

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Zhongdiao&Flying Laser Marking Machine, also known as online laser marking machine and laser inkjet printer, is a tool specially developed by our company for product packaging and marking large quantities of objects in various industries. It is mainly composed of laser machine and automatic assembly line workbench. Optical fiber, CO2, UV and other models are selected to meet the marking needs of many industries. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to operate, can operate at high speed automatically, and has high production efficiency.

The medium engraving flying laser marking machine uses the principle of motion, adopts the vector marking to move the cursor in a unidirectional direction, and marks moving objects. The equipment has strong text arrangement and graphic processing functions, can automatically generate batch number and serial number, and can realize 24-hour discontinuous work. The intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected with various automatic equipment and sensors. According to specific conditions, powerful software functions can be flexibly modified according to specific needs. It can significantly improve production efficiency and effectively save labor, consumables and equipment maintenance costs.

Product advantages

The automatic feeding equipment is combined with the laser inkjet printer, and the stability of the equipment is good;

Adapt to mass and continuous production of customers, with high production efficiency;

The software can automatically generate the serial number (barcode), which is used to identify, batch produce, and mark products that are easy to trace, with good anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing effect;

Compared with the traditional ink jet printing, it is efficient, portable and does not require consumables. Non-toxic, pollution-free and other advantages;

It can directly cooperate with the customer's production line. If necessary, it can also customize the assembly line or workbench.

Scope of application

It is applicable to a variety of non-metallic materials, such as packaging cartons, cartons, PET beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, etc.

Electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, precision accessories, glasses, watches, jewelry, auto accessories, instruments, sanitary ware, craft gifts, signs and other industries.

technical parameter

Laser codingInk jet printing
Excellent performance, flexibility and reliabilityOnline high-speed non-stop laser marking is adopted, with high production efficiency. It can work under static and high-speed flow conditions of the production lineIt can only be marked when the product is in motion, so the production efficiency is high. Some inkjet printers may have ink clogging, which may affect production
It can print serial code, batch number, barcode, QR code, logo and pattern. The number of information printing lines and font size are limitedBarcode, batch number and simple pattern can be printed. The number of lines and font size are limited
It has stable and reliable performance, can work continuously all day, and has long maintenance free time. Minimal maintenance and longest stable operation time. Small environmental impactThe performance is basically stable and the failure rate is relatively high. The nozzle will be blocked due to changes in ambient temperature and dust. The workload of maintenance and cleaning is heavy. Relatively affected by the environment
Visual window software, high resolution display interface, clear picture. Make the establishment and editing of print information convenient and fastThe display interface is simple and the resolution is low. Only simple editing can be performed on the printed information
Simple installation, convenient and easy to useSimple and light case, the smallest and lightest laser print head can be directly installed on the production line, suitable for any production spaceThe volume varies from large to small. Some models also need external equipment such as air compressor
Low operation cost and long-term maintenance freeHigh one-time purchase priceLow one-time purchase price
The operation cost is extremely low. Unplanned shutdown is prohibited. The equipment can be operated for a long time without maintenance, without special maintenance, without any consumables, and with zero operation costThe ink-jet printer consumes a large amount of special inks and solvents, and consumes a large amount of materials. It is expensive to replace the nozzle, pump and other accessories. The cost of consumables for a single inkjet printer is between 20000 and 40000 yuan
Strong data processing and anti-counterfeitingThe control host is an industrial control computer with powerful data transmission and processing capacity, which can connect all anti-counterfeiting data systems to meet multi-level anti-counterfeiting requirements, and the marks are clear and permanentSingle chip microcomputer control, limited data processing capacity, few anti-counterfeiting functions, clear marking effect, easy to erase and change
Safety and environmental protectionIt does not produce substances harmful to the environment and human body, and produces surface nicks on objects to be printed. It is an environment-friendly high-tech product. It has been widely used in food and drug production. Conform to GB7247-87; GB10320-88Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances, which will produce more toxic chemical residues and pollute the environment. The chemical composition and smell of ink and solvent may penetrate the marked object. It is also gradually replacing ink printing equipment internationally

Main technical parameters

Laser typeRF excited sealed off CO2 laser/fiber laser/UV laser
Laser wavelength10.6 um/10.2 um/9.3 um /1064nm/355nm
laser powerCO2:30w/55w/70w/100w,光纤:20w/30w/50w/100w,紫外:3w/5w/10w/15w
Focus lensF=150mm(Standard configuration)OptionalF=100mm、160mm、200mm、250mm
Marking range100mm×100mm(Standard configuration),110mm×110mm(Standard configuration),70mm×70mm,140mm×140mm,175mm×175mm
Font TypeMultiple built-in standard fonts can be selected, and special fonts can be generated and re edited
Support printing contentText information, variable information, serial number, batch number, QR code, logo and graphic image. The number of printing lines and font size are not limited
Marking speed≤12000mm/s,The actual marking speed depends on the material
Mark minimum lineweight0.1mm(视材料)
Power stability (average power)士5%rms
Operating ambient temperatureExternal ambient temperature 0-40 ° C (32-105 ° F), ambient humidity 10% - 90%, no condensation
communication interface以太网、TCP/IP、RS232 Encoder and sensor inputs

Applicable materials

It is applicable to a variety of non-metallic materials, such as packaging cartons, cartons, PET beverage bottles, mineral water bottles and other non-metallic materials.

Application industry

Electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, precision accessories, glasses, watches, jewelry, auto accessories, instruments, sanitary ware, craft gifts, signs and other industries.

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