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Visual positioning laser marking machine-ZDJG-SJDB-01

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Visual positioning laser marking machine, also known as ccd laser marking machine, automatic positioning laser marking machine and automatic focusing laser marking machine, uses the principle of visual positioning. First, the template of the product is formulated, saved as a standard template, and the product is photographed during processing. After the computer compares and adjusts the position, the product can be accurately processed. The shape of the processed product can be round, square or irregular; This process is especially suitable for small products, which can eliminate the processing of fixed fixture of positioning tray and greatly save the processing cycle of laser marking.

Laser marking technology, as a non-contact modern precision processing method, is widely used in all walks of life. It can be used to mark any special-shaped surface, and the workpiece will not produce deformation and internal stress. It can obtain high-precision processing quality and can guarantee the identity of processing quality. The advantages of laser processing can be brought into full play by using the visual system to assist laser marking. It can not only solve the problem of marking accuracy, but also has high adaptability. It does not need to use fixtures to reduce costs. At the same time, it improves the automatic process of the product line, reduces manual participation, and improves the system efficiency.

For ordinary laser marking machines, the processed parts must be in a fixed position during marking processing, and cannot shake during processing, so that the processed pattern can be processed to the designated position of the product. These are our common knowledge of the processing technology of ordinary laser marking machines. Now new technologies are constantly emerging. In order to solve the problems of difficult material supply, poor positioning and slow speed caused by the difficulties in designing and manufacturing jigs for batch irregular marking, the CCD visual positioning laser marking machine developed by Zhongdiao Laser can easily solve them.

Product features

The accuracy of fixture is no longer the controller of marking accuracy. Accurate visual positioning liberates the precision of the fixture. At this time, the precision of marking has nothing to do with the fixture;

Any angle, any number of one key automatic calibration, one key distortion correction, the laser and visual coordinates are associated to achieve accurate marking;

Coaxial visual imaging, WYSIWYG, can deflect with the deflection of the galvanometer, and observe the processing in real time;

Multi template product management, drawing file following mode, convenient for switching between different products;

It can be integrated with optical fiber, CO2, UV and other laser optical paths of various wavelengths;

It occupies small space, and can realize splicing and marking of large format products through guide rail control. It can add xyz axis according to the characteristics of actual workpiece to realize full automatic visual positioning and marking;

Scope of application

Widely applicable to a variety of conditions;

The marking workpieces are placed at random, and the laser scanning is automatic, with precise positioning and marking;

No fixture is required, so manual participation is reduced, and the operation efficiency is greatly improved by cooperating with the automatic assembly line.

technical parameter

Laser typeuv/fiber/CO2Camera systemSingle CCD/Dual CCD/Coaxial CCD Camera Positioning System
Laser wavelength355mm/1064mm/10640mmpositioning systemccd vision
Scoring speedStandard configuration≤7000mm/S(Additional high-speed configuration)positioning accuracy±0.01mm
Working distance160±2mm(Change according to different field mirror models)Positioning response time200ms
Trigger modePhotoelectric switch, timing trigger, fixed length triggercharacter height0.5mm-100mm
Marking formatStandard configuration 110mm*110mm 130mm*130mm(Other options)Minimum line width0.01mm
Production line speed0-100米/分钟(Depends on material and machine output power)Working power supply220V±22V/50Hz

Remark: The product is constantly updated, the appearance style is subject to the real object, and the pictures are for reference only. The specific model configuration parameters are different, and the negotiated contract shall prevail. If you have special requirements for the machine, we can customize it. Welcome to call 400-998-2216 to negotiate.

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