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3D laser marking machine-ZDJG-3D-01

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Zhongdiao&3D laser marking machine, also known as 3D laser marking machine, 3D dynamic focusing laser marking machine, 3D curved surface laser marking machine and 3D rotary laser marking machine, is a chemical reaction that uses high energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece, vaporize the surface material or change the color, thus leaving permanent marks. The traditional 2D laser marking adopts the back focusing mode, which can only be used for plane marking within the specified range. The advent of the new 3D laser marking machine has solved the inherent defect of the 2D laser marking machine for a long time. The 3D laser marking machine adopts an advanced front focusing mode, with more dynamic focusing seats. This adopts the principle of light, similar to the working principle of candle imaging. Through software control and moving the dynamic focusing mirror, the variable beam expansion is carried out before the laser is focused, By changing the focal length of the laser beam, the accurate surface focusing of different objects can be realized. 3D laser marking is a laser surface concave processing method. Compared with traditional 2D laser marking, 3D laser marking has greatly reduced the requirements for the surface flatness of the processing object, and the processing effect is rich and colorful.

Zhongdiao&3D laser marking machine is a well-known 3D laser marking machine manufacturer in China. The 3D dynamic focusing laser marking machine launched by Zhongdiao meets the needs of 3D curved surface laser processing or large-scale laser marking. It integrates data acquisition, data processing, electronic control, mechanical follow-up, optical imaging, optical compensation, optical scanning and other functions, making 3D laser marking very simple and bringing more creativity to laser processing. The whole system adopts an integrated design, featuring small size, low power consumption, long service life, high efficiency, maintenance free, high-quality laser beam, fine spot and no consumables. A first-line brand three-axis scanning galvanometer is used to perfectly control the laser beam to mark on any three-dimensional curved surface or a large range. It has the characteristics of small size, high positioning accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, etc. During the dynamic marking process, it has high precision of marking lines, no deformation, uniform power, and no distortion of drawings. Its comprehensive performance has reached the industry-leading level. The servo motor with superior performance has excellent power. The head can rotate 360 °, and is equipped with advanced point by point tracking dynamic light point compensation algorithm. The whole system can realize small focal spot, large range scanning and high flexibility laser scanning applications. It solves the difficult processing requirements of different angles of complex workpieces. The machine has a long service life, easy maintenance, and fast marking speed, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and saves labor costs. The industry's excellent high-precision three-dimensional positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, laser beam fundamental mode, short pulse, high peak power, and high repetition rate can more accurately achieve laser marking on curved workpiece without defocusing during processing.

Product features

The double-layer fully enclosed dust-proof patented technology is adopted to truly achieve maintenance free optical system, high photoelectric conversion rate and long service life of the machine;

The traditional 2D marking mode is subverted, and the processable effects are rich and colorful, bringing ideal marking effects to customers;

Precise marking or deep carving of super large format, bevel, segment difference, cylinder, cone, sphere and stretched surface is realized. The energy at each point is balanced, and the effect is uniform and perfect without color difference;

The advanced three-axis dynamic system automatically adjusts the focal length, automatically tracks, automatically focuses, and automatically marks the surface of the workpiece at different heights at one time to achieve a wider working range, no difference engraving, more precise spot diameter, and accurately controlled 3D engraving;

According to the ergonomic design, long working time can reduce fatigue, the software system is easy to learn and use, the operation interface is friendly, and it is suitable for dxf, plt, cnc, step, iges and other formats.

Scope of application

It is applicable to laser marking of various metal or non-metallic products with three-dimensional surfaces.

It is widely used in mobile phone manufacturing, stereo circuits, medical devices, molds, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronic communications and other industries.

In the dynamic marking process, the marking line has high precision, no deformation, uniform power, and no distortion of the pattern. It can freely handle accurate marking on complex surfaces.

technical parameter

Product modelZDJG-3D-01-30WZDJG-3D-50WZDJG-3D-100W
laser power30W50W100W
Laser wavelength355nm/532nm/1064nm/10.6um(Optional)
Focus modeFront focus/back focus
Marking rangeFront focus100*100*40~600*600*80,Back focus400*400*20~1000*1000*60
Cooling modeAir/water cooling
Power requirements220V/50Hz
Overall power≤750W≤1200W≤1500W

Remark: The product is constantly updated, the appearance style is subject to the real object, and the pictures are for reference only. The specific model configuration parameters are different, and the negotiated contract shall prevail. If you have special requirements for the machine, we can customize it. Welcome to call 400-998-2216 to negotiate.

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