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Continuous fiber laser welding machine-ZDJG-LXHJ-01

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Continuous optical fiber laser welding machine, also known as optical fiber metal laser welding machine, is a laser welding equipment specialized in traditional hardware, new energy and other industries. Adopting high-performance continuous fiber laser, equipped with domestic leading welding modules and intelligent operation platform, it is more flexible, more automatic and more efficient. With integrated structure, it has the functions of safety protection and environmental protection. With the fully enclosed welding cabinet, it has a compact structure and high integration, and can work normally in various environments to achieve more precise and perfect welding. The utility model has the advantages of high power peak, good beam quality, thin light spot, flexible installation, no consumables, simple and convenient operation, etc. Equipped with CCD liquid crystal monitoring and inspection system, the product positioning and welding effect can be clearly observed according to the red light indication. The automatic weld seam tracking system tracks the weld seam shape in real time, and timely corrects the position of the welding torch according to the weld bead status. The laser beam can achieve different spot shapes, and can process special-shaped spots at the same time, to meet various high requirements of welding effects such as hybrid welding, to achieve precise and efficient welding, and the welding surface is more flat and beautiful. It can also cooperate with automation for fully automatic laser welding, and can be accurately positioned and applied to mass production. In continuous welding state, compared with YAG laser with the same power, it has deep welding depth and good welding strength

Product features

The equipment has high reliability and can be processed continuously and stably for 24 hours, which is especially suitable for long time operation of three shift system in enterprises;

Excellent beam quality, extremely fine solder joints, modular design, easy to achieve function expansion. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, seal welding, etc;

The four-axis linkage control system specially tailored for laser welding has stable performance. The fixture can be customized, separated and grafted, and can be quickly connected with the customer's production line;

It can weld points, lines, circles, ellipses, square or arbitrary plane figures composed of lines and arcs, and other plane arbitrary tracks. It has the function of automatic strip focus and rotation, and can weld products of arbitrary shape in 3D space;

The welding joint structure frame can be freely selected to fully meet the customer's cost and site difference requirements. Compared with the parts that are difficult to access by traditional welding, non-contact remote welding can be implemented;

The industrial personal computer is used as the human-computer interaction, which is simple and reliable in operation, easy to control, low in operating cost, less in consumables, simple in daily maintenance, and reduces the cost of line stop debugging.

Scope of application

Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium, silver, gold, platinum, alloy and other materials;

Battery, consumer electronics, solar panels, auto parts, hardware kitchenware, medical equipment, sensors, molds, jewelry, glasses, stainless steel doors and windows and other industries.

Technical parameter



laser power500W1000W1500W2000W3000W4000W6000W
Operating modeContinuous or short continuous
Laser wavelength1070nm- 1080nm1080nm+5%
Laser stability+2%
Light output modeStraight out/swinging/swinging+automatic wire feeding
Fiber diameter25um-200um
spot sizeφ0.05-3mm
Positioning methodRed light+CCD camera monitoring system
Recommended welding depth250mm/300mm
Fiber length10m (customizable)
Device power consumption≤5KWs7KW≤8.5KW≤12KW≤16KW≤19KW≤28KW
Laser output focal length80mm/100mm/120mm/200mm
Laser coolingwater-cooling
Power demand380V+10% 50Hz
Control systemCNC或PLC
Shielding gasAir ammonia or argon
working temperature10-40°C
Beam splitting mode(Time splitting or energy splitting) Up to 4
welding materialStainless steel, carbon steel, iron, die steel, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel and other metal materials

Remark: The product is constantly updated, the appearance style is subject to the real object, and the pictures are for reference only. The specific model configuration parameters are different, and the negotiated contract shall prevail. If you have special requirements for the machine, we can customize it. Welcome to call 400-998-2216 to negotiate.

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