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Handheld optical fiber laser welding machine-ZDJG-SCHJ-01

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Zhongdiao laser hand-held fiber laser welding machine is a new generation of laser welding products. With a new type of fiber laser, it can emit light continuously or pulse. It can not only realize thermal conductivity welding, but also continuous deep penetration welding, spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, seal welding, seam welding, etc. Handheld welding subverts the working mode of the traditional laser welding machine. It replaces the fixed optical path with a hand-held one, which is flexible and convenient, and has a long welding distance. It also makes it possible to operate laser welding outdoors. It is mainly aimed at laser welding of long distance and large workpieces. When welding, the heat affected area is small, which will not lead to work deformation, blackening, and traces on the back. Moreover, the welding depth is large, the welding is firm, and the melting is sufficient. With the hand-held precision welding head in the industry, it has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful weld, fast welding speed and no consumables. It can perfectly replace the traditional argon arc welding in the welding of thin stainless steel plate, iron plate, galvanized plate and other metal materials.

Zhongdiao&Handheld Laser Welding Machine is mainly used for the fixed positions of large and medium-sized sheet metal, cabinets, chassis, aluminum alloy door and window frames, stainless steel washbasins and other large workpieces, such as internal right angle, external right angle, and plane weld welding. During welding, the heat affected area is small, the deformation is small, and the welding depth is large, so the welding is firm. It is a new and flexible welding process for long-distance welding of large workpieces.

Product features

The whole set of equipment is featured with strong functionality, integrated cabinet, small floor area, mobile pulley to adjust the station at any time, convenient and flexible, and suitable for various working environment scenarios;

The hand-held welding head is equipped with 5m-10M original optical fiber, which overcomes the limitations of the workbench space. It can be used for outdoor welding and remote welding, with a wider welding range;

The hand-held operation mode is equipped with a variety of special angle welding nozzles as standard, which can realize welding processing of any part and any angle of the workpiece;

It is suitable for butt welding, overlap welding, internal and external fillet welding, circular arc welding, irregular shape welding, etc. The welding is firm, and the weld strength reaches or even exceeds the base metal itself

It is matched with a variety of laser sources, and is suitable for workpieces with a variety of process requirements. It is formed by welding at one time, basically without deformation, meeting the requirements of high-quality products;

Mainly for thin plate wall materials, it is free from polishing, firm, and efficient. The weld seam is smooth and beautiful, without welding scar. The yellow and black areas on both sides of the weld seam are small, and no subsequent polishing is required, saving

Time and cost;

With multiple safety alarms, it can automatically lock the light after removing the workpiece, with high safety, ensuring the safety of operators during work;

Easy to operate, easy to learn, quick to use, comfortable to hold, low technical threshold for operators, fast welding speed, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding, saving labor costs.

Product features

Suitable for welding stainless steel sheet, iron sheet, galvanized sheet and other metal materials;

It can be widely used in kitchen and toilet industry, household appliances industry, advertising industry, mold industry, stainless steel products industry, stainless steel engineering industry, door and window industry, handicraft industry, household products industry, furniture industry, auto parts industry, etc.

Technical parameter

Maximum laser power500W1000W1500W2000W
Laser frequency50-5000HZ50-5000HZ50-5000HZ50-5000HZ
Power regulation range10-100%10-100%10-100%10-100%
Power instability<3%<3%<3%<3%
Welding penetration (stainless steel)1.2mm2.0mm2.5mm3.0mm
Welding penetration (carbon steel)0.8mm1.5mm2.5mm3.0mm
Welding penetration (aluminum steel)
Flare of swinging welded jointSpot 2-4mm optionalSpot 2-4mm optionalSpot 2-4mm optionalSpot 2-4mm optional
input voltage220V/50HZ220V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Overall power≤3KW≤3KW≤3KW≤3KW
Automatic wire feedingOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Remark: The product is constantly updated, the appearance style is subject to the real object, and the pictures are for reference only. The specific model configuration parameters are different, and the negotiated contract shall prevail. If you have special requirements for the machine, we can customize it. Welcome to call 400-998-2216 to negotiate.

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