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Customized scheme for product quality traceability and laser code printing

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In this scheme, multiple coding techniques (RFID, inkjet or laser) are used to identify the production characteristics of each product. In addition, the logistics link is linked with the enterprise information database to form the product's centralized characteristics (market to which it is sold), effectively solving the problem of anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing in the product market, enabling the production enterprises to strengthen management and improve efficiency from both marketing and logistics levels, and achieving the application effect of killing two birds with one stone. It is widely used in animal husbandry, beverage, cosmetics, food, tobacco, wine, tea and other automotive electronic accessories industries.

Scheme features

When quality problems occur, specific production lines, specific operators and raw material suppliers can be traced;

In case of quality problems, the defective products can be recalled directly without large-scale recall;

The backtracking code is input into the system when it flows through the turnover, which can prevent malicious goods fleeing between channels;

Zhuihu Code can also integrate WeChat marketing functions. You can print QR code (including WeChat marketing website+traceability code+online verification function) to realize the integration of traceability, WeChat marketing and anti-counterfeiting.

Implementation steps

Adjust the vibrating feeding device and belt according to the production label specifications (under different square and circular sizes)

Start the ear label production system program, the system can preset the relevant types of label specifications, formulate the relevant marking template, and call the corresponding template according to the selection.

After the system is started, the program will automatically check the online status of simple RFID reader, laser machine and QR code reader. If the system fails to connect normally, it will give an alarm and manually check the connection of relevant equipment.

If the start is successful, click to start production, the conveyor line starts running, and the ear tag discharges through the vibrating feeder and enters the buffer zone.

When the sensor detects the arrival of the tag, the RFID reader/writer reads and writes the data of the tag after buffering and sorting. At this stage, the UID of the electronic tag can be read in batch initialization, and the RFID user data of the specified content can be written. For example, the RFID chip data can also be read and written during the initialization of the tag at the factory stage, and then transmitted to the industrial personal computer. The queue that has not been read successfully shall be marked, and the laser machine station shall not be marked, and the sensor shall be removed after detection.

The label arrives at the marking station of the laser machine. After the sensor detection, the label is orderly positioned. The laser machine calls the template and processes the marking data (as required, the two-dimensional code can be encrypted to ensure the security of anti-counterfeiting and information). The laser machine returns the successful marking signal.

The QR code reader will read and verify the completed tags, and the system will record the data and bind it to the RFID chip. The queue that has not been read successfully shall be marked, and the laser machine station shall not be marked, and the sensor shall be removed after detection.

There are two ways to read and write labels and print QR code data:

Support third-party platform download and import (corresponding interface is required).

Set coding rules and edit them through data templates. For example, the serial number, daily production date, manufacturer's code, random code, etc. shall be encrypted.

Blank label, initialize EPC code label data of user area, read UID, generate data through data coding rules, write to user area, or add specified data, encrypt and code to write. The designated data corresponding to the laser engraving is completed.

Read the EPC code tag data of UID user area according to the tag of initialized data, and transmit it to the upper computer through RJ45 or RS232 communication. The laser machine marks the specified data.

Data source:

If several consecutive code reading failures are eliminated, the system will trigger an abnormal alarm and stop the line for inspection.

The label runs to the removal station, and the sensor detects it and then removes it. Remove the products for collection, and judge the product quality manually.

The products not removed shall be transported to the material receiving station for collection. If it is necessary to bag by quantity, it can be designed as a counting buffer type material receiving device. The material receiving device determines the quantity of material received according to the sensor counting and setting counting, and moves the buffer cell to enter the next bag buffer.

From operation to production completion, the system records production data, system operation log and other information and saves them. If the binding information needs to be transferred with the product or imported into other systems, it shall be exported or uploaded in batches.

*Remark: The product is constantly updated, the appearance style is subject to the real object, and the pictures are for reference only. The specific model configuration parameters are different, and the negotiated contract shall prevail. If you have special requirements for the machine, we can customize it. Welcome to call 400-998-2216 to negotiate.

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