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Integrated laser welding machine-ZDJG-YTHJ-01

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Equipment features:

1. Integrated structure design, smaller volume, portable.

2. Easy to learn, no need for professional welding, easy to operate.

3. The supporting requirements are simple and the consumables are few.

4. There are many kinds of welding processes, small welding deformation, smooth and beautiful, and strong flexibility.

5. The length of optical fiber line can be determined in a large range and can be welded in a long distance.

Suitable for welding stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metals and aluminum alloys.

Maximum laser power1000W1500W2000W
Penetration (stainless steel, 1m/min)2.68mm3.59mm4.57mm
Penetration (carbon steel, 1m/min)2.06mm2.77mm3.59mm
Penetration (aluminum alloy, 1m/min)2mm3mm4mm
Automatic filamentationφ0.8-1.2Welding wireφ0.8-1.6Welding wireφ0.8-1.6Welding wire
Power consumption of the whole machine≤3KW≤4.5KW≤6KW
Cooling modeSelf cooling waterSelf cooling waterSelf cooling water
Power demand220V220V或380V380V
Argon/nitrogen protection (provided by the customer)20 l/min20 l/min20 l/min
Welding machine size0.408X0.89X0.67m0.408X0.89X0.67m0.408X0.89X0.67m
Welding machine weight≈128KG≈128KG≈128KG
Size of wire feeder0.23X0.6X0.42m0.23X0.6X0.42m0.23X0.6X0.42m
Weight of wire feeder≈19KG≈19KG≈19KG




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