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Three axis laser welding machine-ZDJG-SZHJ-01

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Equipment features:

1. High precision, high strength machine body and three-dimensional workbench.

2. High precision servo motor ensures machining efficiency and positioning accuracy.

3. The software has powerful functions, friendly and simple operation interface, and diversified welding processes.

4. It can be used to weld points, straight lines, circles, squares or any shapes; Realize three-dimensional welding track.

5. It is convenient to install special tooling, and can be used for precision welding of large quantities of single workpiece.

Suitable for: new energy batteries, vacuum cups, instruments, electronic devices, pressure sensors, medical devices, non cast steel products, hardware products, alloy handicrafts, etc.

Equipment modelZDJG-SZHJ-01-2000WZDJG-SZHJ-01-3000WZDJG-SZHJ-01-5000W
Laser power70W120W200W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Pulse widthAdjustable/fixed
Pulse frequency1-100Hz
Equipment power4KW5KW6KW
Power supply requirementsAC220V ,15-30A&AC380V
Processing range100x100mm~500x500mm Optional
Positioning systemRed light assisted positioning, optional fixture or visual positioning
Auxiliary gasArgon/Nitrogen
Operation modeScanning head welding: 30~8000mm/s, fixed head welding: 1~800mm/s
Cooling modewater-cooling
Environmental requirementsTemperature 0 ℃~35 ℃, humidity 5%~75%



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