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Enclosed laser marking machine-ZDJG-FBDB-01

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Product features:

1. High quality, perfect marking effect.

2. Powerful function, fine and complex pattern processing ability.

3. The marking is fast and efficient.

4. The output power is stable, the reliability is good, and the service life of the whole machine is long.

5. High electro-optic conversion rate, low energy consumption and no consumables.

Application: metal and alloy materials, metal oxides, ABS materials, epoxy resin, etc. It is widely used in semiconductor integrated circuits, electronic components, hardware products, food and beverage, mobile communication and other industries.

laser power20W30W50W100W
Marking range110X110mm 145X145mm 175X175mm(可选)
Marking depth0.01-0.3mm                      0.01-0.5mm
Marking speed≤7000mm/s
Minimum line width0.02mm
Minimum characters0.2mm
Repetition accuracy0.002mm
Cooling modeAir-cooled
Power supplyAC220V/50Hz
Overall power800W1000W




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