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Handheld laser marking machine-ZDJG-SCDB-01

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Handheld optical fiber laser marking machine

The hand-held optical fiber laser marking machine, also known as the portable optical fiber laser marking machine, is designed to solve the problem of laser marking of existing large parts, and can be used for laser marking of large mechanical parts in any direction. The size of the whole machine and the computer main box is small and flexible. The marking head is just like a hair dryer. It is very convenient to hold the marking head for marking operations without space restrictions. This machine is "small as a sparrow is, it has all the internal organs". It has the high speed, high quality and high cost performance of the optical fiber laser marking machine. It is widely used in electronic components, hardware tools, electrical products, consumer goods, 3C electronics, craft gifts, precision equipment, wearing accessories, medical equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, bathroom industry, battery industry, IT industry and other fields.

Product features

The whole machine is small and flexible in size, convenient for handling, and can adapt to the needs of frequent changes in processing locations. It can be placed on a desktop or used at home, and can also be used for customized gift engraving or souvenir production in scenic spots or markets.

The marking effect is excellent. It can mark various fine and complex patterns required by users on extremely small surfaces, which is convenient for general proofing or logo engraving of small handicrafts.

High electro-optical conversion rate, no power coupling loss, no consumables, no maintenance, can replace inkjet coding, laser etching permanent mark is not afraid of wear, environmental protection and pollution

Affordable price, low input cost and high cost performance.

technical parameter

Average output power20W/30W/50W
Laser wavelength(nm)1064nm
Galvo marking speed≤7000m/s
Print area105mm×105mm(70mm×70mm、140mm×140mm、170mm×170mm选配)
Pulse repetition rate20-80kHz
Mark standard lineweights0.06mm(视材料)
Minimum character height0.15mm
Lifting mechanismManual, nominal stroke: 300mm
Marking softwareCompatible with common image formats (bmp, jpg, png), vector graphics (ai, dxf, dst, plt)
communication interfaceUSB interface; RS232 serial port; Internet port
Power SupplyAV220V/50HZ voltage fluctuation range is ± 5%. If it exceeds the fluctuation range, a voltage regulator device is required




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