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Portable laser marking machine-ZDJG-BXDB-02

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Portable optical fiber laser marking machine

The portable laser marking machine is a special product specially developed by Zhongdiao Laser for its simple, compact, flexible and convenient equipment and certain requirements for location and mobility. This equipment has a high cost performance ratio. It uses high-quality fiber laser and high stability galvanometer system, which can easily meet most common laser marking applications. It is widely used in hardware products, 3C parts, auto parts, household appliances, kitchen and bathroom and other industries.

Equipment characteristics

Desktop design, small size, easy to move;

Excellent beam quality, suitable for precise and fine marking;

Full sealing of optical path, good dust prevention and strong seismic resistance;

Stable laser output power, high equipment reliability, stable signal transmission and strong anti-interference capability;

Long service life, maintenance free operation, with an average of more than 100000 hours;

The separated integrated cabinet has high integration, small floor area, small size, convenient handling, and flexibility.

Any office computer can be used for drawing and marking, eliminating the graphic conversion between different computers.

technical parameter

Average output power20W/30W/50W
Laser wavelength(nm)1064nm
Galvo marking speed≤7000m/s
Print area105mm×105mm(70mm×70mm、140mm×140mm、170mm×170mm Optional)
Pulse repetition rate20-80kHz
Mark standard lineweights0.06mm(视材料)
Minimum character height0.15mm
Lifting mechanismManual, nominal stroke: 300mm
Marking softwareCompatible with common image formats (bmp, jpg, png), vector graphics (ai, dxf, dst, plt)
communication interfaceUSB interface; RS232 serial port; Internet port
Power SupplyAV220V/50HZ voltage fluctuation range is ± 5%. If it exceeds the fluctuation range, a voltage regulator device is required




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