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Backpack washer-ZDJG-BBQX-01

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Equipment features:

1. Non contact cleaning, without damaging the parts matrix.

2. Ergonomically designed to minimize the labor intensity of operation.

3. No consumables, safety and environmental protection.

4. The system is stable, efficient and easy to operate.

5. Precise cleaning can realize selective cleaning of precise position and size.

6. Suitable for outdoor or confined space cleaning.

Applicable to: welding surface pretreatment, metal surface derusting, paint removal, small area cleaning.

power supplyStandard AC220v ± 10%, 50/60Hz power adapter (output DC48v)
Optional battery 100W, 80-90 minutes of continuous operation
Average laser power≥500W≥1000W
Power regulation range(%)10-100(Frequency adjustable)10-100(Frequency adjustable)
Repetition frequency(KHz)20-200(Gradually adjustable)
Fiber length
Cooling modeAir-cooled
Scanning range (length x width)0-100mm, continuously adjustable, dual axis supports 8 scanning modes
Host sizeAbout 330mmX168mmX380mm (including battery)
Operation modehold
control modeWireless control panel

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