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Laser cutting workstation-ZDJG-GZQG-01

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Equipment features:

1. The platform base with strong stability, high-strength one-piece cast aluminum alloy beam, and good stability and reliability of the whole machine.

2. High quality servo motor, high-precision double drive screw drive structure, high precision.

3. No dust, no stress, no burr, and the cutting edge is smooth and neat.

4. Personalized operation interface and powerful software are configured to meet the needs of complex processing technology with high processing efficiency.

5. Advanced air circuit control design, supporting imported pneumatic components.

Application: cutting carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, aluminum alloy, copper and other metal materials.

Main technical parameters
Model parametersZDJG-GZQG-01-500WZDJG-GZQG-01-800W
Laser output power500W 800W
Laser wavelength1080nm1080nm         
Laser mediumYV04YV04
Beam quality<0.373mrad<0.373mrad
Minimum line width≤0.15mm≤0.15mm
Maximum idle speed60m/min60m/min
X axis maximum stroke300mm400mm
Y axis maximum stroke500mm600mm
Z axis maximum stroke50-70mm50-70mm
Maximum cutting range (XY axis)300mmX500mm400mmX600mm
Axial positioning accuracy of worktable≤±0.005mm/m≤±0.005mm/m
Repeated positioning accuracy of worktable≤±0.003mm/m≤±0.003mm/m
Maximum carbon steel cutting thickness6mm(High quality cutting0.5-5mm)8mm(High quality cutting0.5-6mm)
Maximum stainless steel cutting thickness4mm(High quality cutting0.5-3mm)6mm(High quality cutting0.5-5mm)
Power supply requirements220V/50Hz380V/50Hz

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